CHARITY WALK MINISTRY By giving alms to the poor, we realize Corporal Works of Mercy. Team members recruit volunteers for this ministry who sponsor and/or participate as walkers in the annual Charity Walk on behalf of Catholic Charities Hawai ’i. Contact: Karen Unger

DIAPER MINISTRY “… (I was) naked and you clothed me…” (Matthew 25:36). Diapers and supplies are provided to mothers through agencies that act as resources to families with difficulties. Volunteers pack the diapers and supplies for distribution at St. Michael Food Pantry and the agencies. Contact: Thelma Bacxa

FOOD PANTRY MINISTRY Feeding the hungry we realize Corporal Works of Mercy. This ministry distributes food at the Immaculate Conception parking lot from 9-9:45 a.m. on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. Fresh produce from our Sharing Garden and non-perishables are offered to all who come/ ask. In addition to the twice-a-month set-up and distributions, volunteers rotate stock, sort, and prepackage, on Thursday morning before each event. Two to five hours of service per month are requested of volunteers. Contact: Bill Culhane

GLOBAL SOLIDARITY MINISTRY By giving alms to the poor, we realize Corporal Works of Mercy. This ministry maintains longstanding relationships and sponsors projects in the developing world. Projects are selected based on need and may change over time depending on the circumstances. Members of the Filipino community closely oversee the sites in the Philippines and visit periodically. Local bishops provide support and close oversight for future projects being considered in Cuba (as permissible). Projects throughout the developing world are considered an expression of Catholic solidarity and social justice, with careful and thorough oversight. Contact: Deacon Sándor Hernández Morales or Sharmayne Naone

HOMELESSNESS TO HOUSING MINISTRY Giving shelter to those facing homelessness we realize Corporal Works of Mercy. Ministry members advocate for and encourage those who are awaiting the housing opportunity. Members participate in drives to assist families that are newly housed through sources like The Homes at Ulu Wini and other family-strengthening non-profits that support families transitioning out of homelessness. We share our knowledge learned from Community Alliance Partners and the Vibrant Hawai ’i Housing Coalition. We advocate for legislation to improve housing opportunities for those in need. We participate in activities sponsored by the West Hawai ’i Faith-Based Hui to End Family Homelessness. Contact: Shirley David

HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MINISTRY Catholic Social Teaching establishes that everyone has the right to human dignity. Ministry members learn how to identify human trafficking and domestic violence and learn what they can do to support survivors. Members share their knowledge, participate in community human trafficking and domestic violence coalitions and community awareness events, and they also advocate for legislators to pass laws that support survivors and help prevent human trafficking and domestic violence. Contact: Shirley David

MĀLAMA NĀ KEIKI MINISTRY “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink…” (Matthew 25:35). This ministry (to supply supplemental healthy meals to school children) is done in collaboration with Hōlualoa Elementary School for children acknowledged by the school as food insecure because of financial need. Volunteers shop for and pack the food that is distributed at the school every other week. This enables children to have food for weekends when free school lunches are unavailable to them. Contact: Jo Ann Dunn

MEALS THAT HEAL MINISTRY “For I was …ill and you cared for me…” (Matthew 25:36) Volunteers prepare and deliver a meal to those who need a little extra help during times of illness, during chemotherapy, after surgery, or after the birth of a new baby, etcetera. Contact: Cheryl Roderer

RESPECT LIFE MINISTRY Helping parishioners recognize the issues and realize the importance of meeting the needs of the most vulnerable from conception to natural death. This ministry especially supports pregnant mothers and their unborn children; the seriously ill or dying; and their families. We also coordinate and promote parish participation in the annual Respect Life Program from the USCCB, as well as specific intentions through education, pastoral care, public policy, prayer, and worship. Contact: Ed Smialek

SHARING GARDEN Feeding the hungry we realize Corporal Works of Mercy. Volunteers tend to a large garden of fresh vegetables and fruit. We plant, remove weeds, water, and harvest. The harvests are distributed at the St. Michael Food Pantry, Mālama Nā Keiki, and The Homes at Ulu Wini. Contact: Beth Bartell

SHINING THE LIGHT OF CHRIST MINISTRY “Whoever has two tunics should share with the person who has none. And whoever has food should do likewise” (Luke 3:11). For families with children and teens, this ministry provides opportunities for community outreach. Arrangements are made with parents who are willing to have their children involved. Contact: Thelma Bacxa

THE FRIENDLY PLACE LUNCHES MINISTRY Feeding the hungry we realize Corporal Works of Mercy. Volunteers sign up to prepare a hot meal once a month (on a Tuesday) for people facing homelessness at The Friendly Place. Contact: Claire Inman

YOUNG AT HEART MINISTRY This is a weekly gathering of interested kupuna to share friendship and prayer. There is a Gospel reading with lively discussion and reflection, a potluck lunch, and Bingo with prizes for all. All seniors are welcome! Contact: Parish Office

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