BEACH AND KAILUA BLOCK EVANGELIZING — “I AM THE WAY, AND THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE” JN 14:6 Dedicated to the re-evangelization of Catholics and evangelization of non-Catholics, this ministry prepares those involved to answer the pressing questions and issues of our time through formation, instruction, and mentorship. We start with a booth at the monthly “Kōkua Kailua Village Stroll” and staff evangelists at St. Peter’s mission in Kahalu’u. We also host public discussions in churches and elsewhere throughout the island. We welcome all to join, encouraging high school and young adults. As we all learn the Truth together, we can be witnesses for a full joyful Catholic life and positively impact the lives of all our neighbors and ’ohana. Plans are underway to restore and beautify St. Peter’s by the Sea Mission to welcome malihini and share the unique history of that mission and our Catholic Faith. Contact: Dr. R. Scott French

BIBLE STUDY Bible Study sessions are offered throughout the year. Check the parish weekly bulletin or the parish website at for updated information. Contact: Hin and Sally Cheung

CHILDREN’S FAITH FORMATION Volunteers in the K-5 catechetical ministry plan and carry out the catechetical mission: Christ’s call to proclaim the Good News and to hand His message on to our keiki. Catechists, substitutes, and volunteers for special events are always needed. We especially need bilingual (Spanish and English) speakers to occasionally help our catechists communicate with our Spanish-speaking families. Contact: Margaret Essex

COMPREHENSIVE YOUTH MINISTRY Activities, service opportunities, and faith formation in a safe, loving, and accepting environment for middle school and high school youth. Youth Ministry provides a balance of integrated concepts of the USCCB’s document, Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry. We are always looking for volunteers to be catechists, small-group facilitators, food coordinators, food preparers, photographers, outreach service activity coordinators, social event coordinators, and setup/breakdown support. If you are interested, we are waiting to hear from you! Contact: Edwina Fujimoto, [email protected]

HODŌS – THE WAY Journey together into a profound understanding of what it means to be an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ in the here and now and how to live this discipleship. This ministry allows converts and Catholics who are returning to the sacramental life of the Church to delve deeper into the Catholic faith and grow in knowledge, conviction, spirituality, and practice of being followers of The Way of Jesus the Christ. Contact: Deacon Sándor Hernández Morales, [email protected]

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY MINISTRY This ministry works to promote, sustain, and enrich Christian marriage and the family. Also assists in preparing engaged couples for marriage. Contact: Scott and Karen Unger

MEN’S GROUP A forum for men to share their faith with other men of the parish in a small group setting. Men helping one another to become better men, fathers, husbands, and spiritual heads of their family; to encourage men to grow in knowledge and practice of their Catholic faith; to help men seek Christ through the Mass, prayer, scripture reading, and the sacraments; and to enable them to know, love, and serve God, wife, family, and neighbor. Contact: Deacon Craig Camello, [email protected]

ORDER OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS (OCIA) Come and serve as a catechist, sponsor, or general member of the OCIA team. The OCIA team meets with adults (ages 18+) who are curious about the history, rites, and spirituality of Christianity and want to learn more about the Catholic faith, and/or are thinking of becoming Catholic to delve deeper into relationship with God as an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ. Conversations may lead toward the adult receiving the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Communion). For all candidates (especially those who have been baptized in another faith where the Catholic Church recognizes the Baptism) preparation will be arranged according to the needs of the individual. Contact: Deacon Sándor Hernández Morales, [email protected] or Judy Glickstein

OCIA FOR CHILDREN AGES 7-17 Integrated into our Faith Formation Program, the Order of Christian Initiation is the process through which children ages 7-17 are prepared to receive the Sacraments of Initiation — Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion. Keiki are catechized to understand the role of Jesus in their lives. There are several ways you can volunteer in this ministry, including becoming a child/family sponsor, catechist, or assisting at the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil. Contact: Deacon Sándor Hernández Morales, [email protected] or Sharmayne Naone

SPIRITUAL BOOK CLUB Nurture your faith through the exploration of the works of contemporary spiritual writers and discussion with others. We will begin with the intriguing works of one of today’s most influential and nonconventional spiritual thinkers, Franciscan friar Richard Rohr, who brings a breath of fresh air to our understanding and practice of faith, and then see where that leads us. We will be meeting weekly at the Grace Parish Center, check the bulletin for details. Contact: Dennis Boyd

“THE WORD WE PROCLAIM” LITURGY-BASED SCRIPTURE STUDY Discussion of the Sunday readings and faith formation topics. The conversation connects the Scriptures with feast days, culture, history, arts and humanities, current events, and everything else in the context of the Sacred Liturgy and the Church’s liturgical calendar. Contact: Deacon Sándor Hernández Morales, [email protected]


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